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Reseller Hosting Overview

With all the competition going on in the web hosting industry, we should not forget the competition put out by reseller hosting. By the name of it, we may well draw a conclusion that such companies would be a smaller scaled company compared to web hosting companies. But actually, what is a reseller hosting? Basically, a reseller hosting is a company that manage more than one website. This business of being a reseller has gotten bigger because there are more and more individuals wanting their own domain name in the internet. It is also an upcoming trend because this is a profitable part time business with more people wanting more than one domain account.

There are two kind of reseller out there. The first one is traditional reseller and the second one is the private reseller hosting. The traditional reseller hosting is like a bulk reseller. This simply means that the entire web server is sold and then separated into smaller portions. These smaller portions are then purchased by smaller reseller web host. This means that the bulk reseller only have to deal with one customer. The smaller reseller company will deal with theirs. There are benefits for both parties of reseller because the smaller reseller will not have to manage the technical requirements of the website while the bulk reseller do not have to manage many but only one web server.

For a private reseller, the identity of the real web host is hidden, hence the name private reseller hosting. In this case the name of the smaller reseller hosting appears instead of the main reseller host. This makes them the owner of the hosting service. This method is often used in marketing tactics. As a small reseller company, they might be looked down by consumers. Therefore, this private way is great fro small reseller companies to compete among its competition.

So, in every reseller host, there is smaller reseller in them. Therefore, there is money for everyone. Most profit will come from the administration and co-location of the servers. This goes to the bigger hosting. As for the smaller host, they tend to profit also. If not, no one will be doing it. They profit in a smaller scale by adding more single domain accounts in one reseller account.

This is how reseller hosting works and you can see well why it is such an upcoming trend because it is simply so simple and everyone can do it part time. As time goes by, when they make more profits, they can make it full-time and say goodbye to working in a job.

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Is Reseller Hosting a Business Opportunity?

The World Wide Web has become a commodity in our life. People spent more than 12 hours per day on the internet; billions of dollars are transacted through the internet; internet sales are going up every year and etc. Therefore the idea of setting up web hosting companies to cater for this internet needs is more and more popular among entrepreneurs.

However a big cost will involve when you are setting up a web hosting company because that kind of business needs great computing resources and dedicated internet connections. Also other hosting facilities like power supply and air conditioning are all big cost for a business start up. For beginner entrepreneurs, they might not afford to have the initial cost or to cope with the risk. So if you are one of them reseller hosting is definitely your choice.

So what is reseller hosting? Basically reseller hosting account is a web hosting account that you can customize the hosting features and resell it to others. How reseller hosting works is you get a reseller hosting from other big web hosting company. The company has already set up properly a master control panel for you and you can easily control and customize the hosting features. For example you buy a reseller hosting with 50 Gbytes, then you divide it into 10 smaller hosting account with 5 Gbytes each account, you look for 10 customers and sell the service to them. You charge the 10 customers for the service and typically the total charges will be more than what you need to pay to the bigger hosting company. So the difference will be your profit.

Isn’t it sounds easy? You get a reseller account and look for customers. You give them a customized web hosting and they pay you. You direct all the problems back to your reseller hosting company and you enjoy the money every month.

In fact it is true and false. It is true because the initial reseller hosting provider will prepare everything for you. They will get your reseller hosting account ready with program like web host manager in Hostgator. This kind of tool will allow you to create your customer accounts easily. After account is set up, your customer can instantly access to the hosting space and start administering their websites. Your customers will have their own control panel in their hosting and scripts. So basically it is almost an automated process.

However I said it is false because it will somehow involve minimal technical issues. If you are not really equipped with IT and web hosting knowledge, you either should get a book and start learning or opt out for the business. Although the business proposal sounds easy with the redirection of issues back to the initial providers, your customers eventually are still dealing with you. If you fail to give a solid support to your customers and the support of initial hosting does not come in time, customer will lose confidence on you. And also with the stiff competition in the industry it is a challenge to market your hosting services.

So now you roughly know the pro and con of reseller hosting business. It sounds more bitter than sweet. However the good news is stiff competition always means good money behind. If you survive the war lucrative income is not difficult at all. So if you are doing some serious planning on reseller hosting business, a suggestion is that you should always choose a quality web hosting as your provider. Because if the hosting has good quality you will save a lot of headache in dealing with downtime and other critical technical issues; if their support are great then you can rely on them to solve your customers’ issues; if their hosting features and scripting are sufficient it gains plus point for your products. Basically if you get a quality reseller hosting, your web hosting company has a quality service too.

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One of the advantages of investing in Hostgator Reseller Hosting is the fact that you can become a reseller of hosting and make 1-10 times the profit of

Joomla is a content management system that is free to use. You’re not out of luck quite yet.

Joomla is a content management system that is free to use. You’re not out of luck quite yet.

If you are reseller you do not need to tell your customers that you are reselling hostgator hosting plans, and you can custom splice and dice disk space,

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HostGator Reseller Web Hosting

All the Host Gator Reseller plans help you to create unlimited websites under your own prices, brand and packages. The best thing in this scheme is that you can have 100% of the money you collect.

How it works:

Web Host Manager is the control panel for your reseller hosting account. You can create your new customer accounts in WHM. You click “create “tab after filling in the customer’s account information. This will immediately set “C Panel” which their own control panel. They will go to administer their site through C Panel. They can create e-mail addresses, change passwords, create sub-domains and much more once they logged into the c panel without your help or hosting sites’ help.

Reseller Hosting Features:

Private Name Servers help you sell hosting by having your own server name without anyone knowing that you are a reseller. Free Billing System provides you to create account automatically in WHM, view active server status, unique IP assignment, automatic server rotation, suspend/ delete account in WHM, import domains from WHM to autopilot, has built in help desk, that is if your client have any problems or issues are able to get support ticket from the built in help desk.

Free templates are provided to all the web hosting customers. Reseller packages also include 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year chat support through phone & internet. E-mail based trouble shooting is also available to the customers. Instant Backup system is that, their control panel helps you to make instant backup for your C panel account, this will supply a link to download the backup file; to restore your account you can use this backup file.

The main advantage of this system is that, they have no hidden fees or contract. Without any cancellation fees, you can cancel your hosting at any time. Site Builder website is very easy tool and even an 8 year old child can create a site within 30 minutes.

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Cpanel Hostgator. The best of cPanel Hosting. Home SharedReseller Dedicated. Hostgator is among the leading web hosts for cpanel hosting.

4 posts – 3 authors – Last post: Jan 18I recently opened a Host Gator Aluminum resellers account. It allows 50gb of disk space and 500gb of bandwidth.

Nov 27, 2009. It is very cheap, lucrative and easy to create your own website hosting with HostGator Reseller web hosting. You will get all the support

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HostGator Web Hosting Service Review – Do They Actually Provide an Excellent Web Host Service?

A web hosting company popularly known as Hostgator is one of the fastest growing and the best in website hosting industry today. The company already has more that 1.5 million sites hosted and still waxing stronger by the day. The current Chief Executive officer brought the company to life during his University days and since then it has grown to become one of the big players in web hosting market.

HostGator as web hosting service provider offers different kind of service with variation in prices. The services are customer friendly for two good reasons;

1)You are allowed to choose the real plan you think it fits your hosting needs

2) You have opportunity to go for more advance plan with little or no cost as your business grows.

There is one particular fact that distinguish Host Gator from other web host provider. It allows customers to be paying their hosting charges every month.

As I have mentioned earlier, the company offer varieties of hosting package like dedicated hosting, shared hosting and reseller hosting. Each hosting package with different price options depending on your web hosting needs.

HostGator shared Hosting Package - This offers different types of options to Shared Hosting customer. The plan to take up depends on customer needs and budget. This particular plan are categorized into three namely; Baby, Hatching and Business.

The most common out of the three is Baby plan which is more or less the same with plans offered by competitors in hosting field but with a little more benefits. The services to enjoy under this plan are unlimited domain, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited disk space. Actually the plan price ranges from $4.95 to $12.95 per month.

HostGator Reseller Hosting Package - This offers five different plans for reseller clients, it ranges between $24.95 to $99.95 monthly.

The last but not the least is Dedicated Server Hosting Package - This provide four products plan for dedicated server customers. This price fall between $174 to $374 monthly.

The result gotten from customer review about Hostgator service revealed that the company has a very good and effective customer service and prompt technical support team.

This is actually wonderful with the fact they have more 1.5 million domains on their database.

From the survey carried out, it was reported that customers don’t have to wait for long for customers service representative attention or technical support response for any issues to be resolved.

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HostGator LLC is one of the largest reseller hosting providers with over 2500000 domains hosted on our servers.

HostGator is a leading provider of web hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers. Over 2500000 websites trust HostGator for their web hosting needs.Support – cPanel – HostGator – Contact US – Affiliates

May 4, 2009. Starting a web hosting company is very difficult, and requires lots of technical skill and management skill. For beginner that look forward

Not sure how to choose between hostgator reseller hosting vs Hostgator VPS hosting? First of all, we need you to make sure of your web hosting requirement,

Peer Support Forums for Web Hosting Clients.. Live Support. Now hosting over 2500000 domains! HostGator Reseller Web Hosting

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Hostgator Reseller Hosting Review

Hostgator recently received the Editor’s Choice Award by Findmyhost. This recognition has been an added value to the services that Hostgator could provide for their consumers. When it comes to web hosting facilities, Hostgator is the top pick. Even when you are looking for resellers or shared marketing, no other company could match them.

With their Dual Xeon servers powered by 4 GB memory and IDE hard drives, Hostgator is reliable and extremely fast providing 99.9 % uptime with affordable prices. Therefore, they are the favorites among consumers.

The rates for hosting with Hostgator are $6.95 per month for their basic shared hosting. They also have more advance package that will cost $9.95 per year. This cost is considered a little bit higher than their competitors but Hostgators’s package comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Until the last minute, you will never know which provider is serving you better. With Hostgator, that is risk is easy to take because of their money back policy.

Furthermore, you will get instant backup for your websites when you choose Hostgator. In addition, you can get the ability to host unlimited domains, sub-domains and FTP accounts. This feature is great because you usually get limited domain in shared hosting packages. For shared hosting, they usually only allow one domain and 20 sub-domain. When that limit has been achieved, it is most likely that you need to upgrade you hosting needs.

With the supreme control panel provided, consumers are more than just satisfied with the performance of their website. Hence, making Hostgator one of the best web hosting company in the world. The control panel that they have in their websites allows users to access demo which could help them get familiar with its function.

Last but not least, another important factor that makes Hostgator stand out from their competitors is their customer service and support. This is because consumers can get their website set up in not time at all. Fast service with no extra charges at all. They provide 24 hours support to help you troubleshoot your problems if they arise. With their live chat, consumers also get easy access to the technicians to answer problems that they have. Although there are sometimes where problems take longer time to be solved, but in overall, they still satisfy their customers. That is what matters most in whatever service you provide.

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Review of Hostgator Reseller Hosting

If you are looking for shared hosting or reseller hosting, you might want to trek over to Hostgator specializes in web hosting facilities, and as far as I can see, they are doing a good job. They have recently picked up the Editors’ Choice Award by I think they deserved it.

Hostgator is both, reliable and fast — essential qualities for any web business. They work on Dual Xeon servers with 4GB memory and IDE hard drives. Moreover, with their claim of 99.9 percent uptime, they provide great hosting packages. At the same time, they are quite affordable.

The basic shared hosting package is offered at a monthly rate of $6.95. Yearly rates for the more advanced packages start from $9.95. You might be thinking that this is slightly higher than the rates offered by other web hosting providers. In my opinion, it is well worth the money. Moreover, each of the packages comes with a thirty day money back guarantee. So just wait and see for a while before you pronounce your final verdict. My guess is that you will want to stay with Hostgator for some time.

There are several other plusses to using this hosting service. For one, you get instant backups for your website. Moreover, you can host unlimited domains, sub-domains and FTP accounts. The most basic shared hosting package comes with limits though. It allows one domain and twenty sub-domains. Of course, you could always shift to a better package once you start expanding your website. And with as many as fifty-two scripts, this is a great web host.

In general, most users are satisfied with the control panel offered. In fact, their cpanel is pegged as being one of the best in the web hosting world. It adds to the convenience of managing your domains and sub-domains. The control panel demo helps new users get used to its various facilities.

In my opinion, one of their greatest virtues is that they offer great customer service. Most of the packages offer instant set up at no extra charge. There is twenty-four hour customer support. You can decide whether you want to interact with their customer care representatives over live chat or the phone. You could also make use of the email ticket system. I have found that their customer care execs are often more than ready to go out of their way to help you out. Yes, there are the occasional goof-ups. On the whole, however, they seem to be satisfying their customers.

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Now hosting over 2500000 domains! Home . Web Hosting . Reseller Hosting. organized collection of informative articles related to your HostGator account.

Now hosting over 2500000 domains! Home . Web Hosting . Reseller Hosting. organized collection of informative articles related to your HostGator account.

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