Sell Own Hosting Package Via Reseller Hosting

First of all, what is web hosting?

Whenever some data is made available on the Internet, it is being hosted somewhere. This “hosting” is done on a server in one place, which may well be across the world from the client’s computer. This is equally true for free hosts or paid hosts.

Hosting can be done through several processes, each of which has its own pros and cons. Most of these processes, however, can be understood if you are acquainted with the most basic processes. For example, web hosting can be done -

1. Through a dedicated server, which is a computer made available on rent from web hosts. The renter is allowed full control over this server, unlike in managed hosting or some other forms of hosting.

2. Through a virtual dedicated server, or Virtual Private Server(VPS), where the client is allocated a part of the space available on a dedicated server.

3. Shared web hosting, which can be paid or free, where a large number of sites is hosted on the same server. Free web hosting usually allows the user much less control than paid options.

4. Reseller web hosting, where the web provides packages for clients to sell in bits and pieces, generating a profit that is often huge.

Selling web hosting can become an extremely lucrative career option. All the investment required is – a good computer, a hosting plan, a little technical acumen, and time to tend to the business.

Hosting plans can be as cheap as $25 per month, for 24 GB of disk space and 250GB of bandwidth. As your business grows, you can increase the total space and bandwidth you provide, up to 100 GB and 700 GB respectively. As the end user needs no more than 512MB of disk space and is quite satisfied with 12GB of bandwidth, this means that even the basic plan lets you cater to full 50 users – without paying anything except what you spend on the reseller hosting package.

Setting up user accounts is also an easy task, especially if you already work online or can be online throughout the day. All you have to do is to create your customers’ user accounts through the Web Hosting Manager control panel, and let them take over from there. The end user’s control panel is called cPanel, and it allows users to perform all administrative tasks easily and efficiently.

The reseller is allowed to operate with full autonomy, but gets the benefit of full 24X7 support from the host company. Though the exact terms may vary according to the host company, usually the hosts provide resellers with free tools that make their work easier, such as billing systems, templates and site builders. If you plan to enter the web hosting reseller business, make sure to choose the host with the best uptime guarantee, and hopefully a money back option.

Always check the features provided by your hosting company, under the heads of Ecommerce, Website/FTP, control panel, subdomains/POP3/MySQL/FTP, and web tools. By providing a combination of reliability, cost-effectiveness and useful features, you can create reseller hosting plans that end users will lap up – landing you a sizeable profit in very little time.

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How to Select a Hosting With the Future in Mind

Let’s get into the core right from the beginning. When you choose a hosting you must decide for which purpose. if you are really want to generate revenue then you must go for a High end hosting company.

High end hosting means you don’t have to go for a $100 per month hosting. For example if you choose a company which only provide you a shared hosting then please stay away from them. Because if your bandwidth limit exceeded your account will be held till the next month arrives.

So when you select a hosting company look whether they have a variety of choices to chose from or not. Because if you need more space and more Bandwidth then you will always have choice to upgrade to a Higher level hosting.

But when you got locked with a reseller or a shared hosting provider then you will never be able to get out of that dirt unless otherwise you have some tech knowledge to transfer your account from one host to another one.

Some of the best host that you can go with are

I just mentioned some of the leading companies. You can always choose any hosting provider that offers all type of hosting such as shared, VPS, Dedicated.

First get a shared hosting account to get started, it will cost anything from $6 to $12 which will vary from host to host (if you order for a whole one year you can expect a discount).

After some days your site will begin get decent traffic. As the age of your site grows on the traffic will also increase. At a certain level you will need a speed as well as highly reliable server to host your site. Now it’s the time to upgrade to VPS (virtual private server).

A virtual private server will cost you anything from $36 to $99 again which will vary from host to host .

At a last step when your site get thousands of visitor every day then go for a dedicated hosting.

This entire steps best suits of the commercial site which generate revenue. Hope I helped.

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4 Deadly Mistakes About Web Hosting Services

If you open up Google and do a search on the word “Hosting”, more than 400 million web pages come up as a result. With that much competition, is it fairly easy to get lost while searching for a hosting provider and evaluating which are the most important things to consider.

The most important things first:

1. The hosting company must control their servers.


Most of the hosting industry is based on reselling server space of someone else. If the company you select don’t own his space, it could happen that when you need to move to another company for any reason, you depend on their willingness to help you. This actually happened me some years ago when the hosting company with which I was working was very helpful, but was sold and after that, when I needed to move a client to another host, the company don’t even replied my emails.

It is very difficult to move a complex site without having root access, but I had to do it. Although I lost many days and it was very painful, the migration even wasn’t perfect. Now I own a VPS (and root access to it) and my life is much better. If you are really on a budget and can’t afford a VPS, go for a shared host like HostGator ( ), which is a reputable company.

2. Don’t let your hosting company own your domain.


Your domain is your brand on the Internet. Moreover, when you acquire links to your website you get traffic from them to your domain, not to your web host. If you lose your domain, all the traffic that came from those hard earned links are lost in an instant. If the hosting company gives you a domain name for free, make sure that the email of the administrative contact is an email that you control and you have a control panel where you can see the ownership of your domain.

3. Avoid Free Hosting Of Any Kind


Free hosting is good for your resume or to tell the history of your dog, but when you are starting a business, even a little one, it is very important to have your own domain because if your page is hosted at someone’s else domain, when you acquire links to your page, you become dependant on your hosting provider because if later you choose to have your own domain, all the links you got will still be pointing to the hosting provider which will get all the traffic that should have been yours.

4. Seek a Host With Good Support


It takes many YEARS to fully understand all the issues of the hosting platforms. Even many Internet business experts with 10 years+ in business don’t fully understand all the options they have in their control panel. So, if you are a newbie, you could be in big trouble almost all the time if your host doesn’t give you manuals, advice or help you to complete technical tasks. Remember that you bought a web host to make money, not to lose your time with technical things.

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The 3 Most Popular Web Host Companies

There are literally hundreds of websites that try to tell you which web hosting are the best, however after only a few minutes, you have probably realized that everyone has a different opinion. Fortunately, once a definition of what “popular” really means, it is much easier to see which hosting companies fit the criteria. First, we will look at the criteria must be met in order to be considered popular. Then we will look at what the 3 most popular web host companies really are.

What is Popular?

The first criteria of being a popular web host company is the ability to serve a variety of clients. In order to appeal to the masses, they must provide (at minimum) shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Additionally, they must be able to support every type of webmaster from one domain to thousands. There are also some minimum technical requirements as well. The first, is that they must have an acceptable reported uptime of 99.90%. Second, they must offer the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade packages in order to meet any additional technical requirements that webmasters may need regarding aspects such as: bandwidth allowance, disk space, etc Of course, they must also be held in high regard via high positive ratings including review websites and customer feedback/commentary.

The 3 Most Popular Web Host Companies

(In no particular order)

1. Hostgator

Hostgator seems to be held in high regard with a majority of users across the spectrum of clients, from personal websites to Fortune 500 clients. They have excellent plans that are designed to meet everyone’s requirements In the 21st century, Hostgator has consistently been on the fastest growing private companies in the United States and is considered a global leader in shared, reseller, and dedicated hosting and currently service more than 170 countries. Considering their reputation for customer service, it is no surprise that many people consider Hostgator a benchmark in affordable hosting.

2. JustHost

When you are searching for the most popular web host companies, JustHost is always near the top of the list. Not only do they offer elite customer service, but also have a variety of flexible packages that can meet anyones needs. They have accrued a number of “top web host” awards over the years, especially since 2008. The “Just” company owns a variety of different ventures including their hosting company, and a majority of them are internet marketing and website functionality related. In order to survive servicing clients in the internet marketing industry, you must bend over backwards for clients, and that is exactly what JustHost does.

3. BlueHost

BlueHost has been well-known as a premier hosting company since 1996. They offer packages that are not only a great price, but also loaded with features and extras. With so much to offer, it is no surprise that BlueHost currently hosts nearly 1,000,000 domains regularly Only 4 months into 2010, and they have already received 4 awards for their customer service and overall value.

While there are a growing number of popular web hosting companies, Hostgator, JustHost, and BlueHost round out the top 3. As always, there is room for debate, especially with such fierce competition, but these 3 always stand out from the crowd.

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All my websites that are hosted with Host Gator get about 20000 hits a day. I have also used JustHost, HostMonster, and WiredTree (for VPS) but I would

Jun 12, 2010. The best hostgator coupon code offering highest discount on hostgator shared hosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting, and dedicated server. Websites:

HostGator Affiliate System; Home. Copyright © 2010 Home . Services . Sitemap . Terms of Service . Company . Jobs . Blog . Billing

1 post – 1 author – Last post: May 16HostGator Reseller Web Hosting Now hosting over 2200000 domains! * FREE Client Management and Billing Software * FREE Site Building Tools

Type of Plans Offered: Shared, Reseller, and Dedicated Support Offered: 24/7 Phone, Live Chat, and Tickets Bio: Host Gator has been in business since 2002

Hostgator, founded in 2002 is the leader in shared web hosting and reseller web hosting that offers many varieties of servers and web hosting packages to

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Finding the Right Host For Your Web Site Or Blog

With the proliferation of the Internet, there are so many web hosts to choose from that it would be impossible to shop even a significant percentage of them. However, finding the right web host can be critical to the success of your business, especially if your business is predominantly online. Hosting packages can start as low as $4.95 per month for shared environments (I’ll explain later). On the other end of the spectrum, established companies often budget thousands of dollars each month to web servers and related costs. The type of hosting your business needs and the corresponding amount you’ll pay for that level of service depend upon what you are hoping to accomplish with your web site(s). Here are a few tips and scenarios that will help you choose the web hosting platform that suits your needs.

“Free” Hosting Accounts

Visit any of the thousands of the blogs that post Google AdSense or other affiliate ads, and you can see that there are many people who make at least some portion of their income by taking advantage of the free hosting accounts offered by blog hosts. Setting up a blog-formatted website is simple and straight-forward. All you need is an email address and an idea. Because most of these free hosting accounts run on high performance web servers, it’s a rare case that your blog account and blog site would be down. However, if you are trying to present yourself as a legitimate company, a serious web site with your own domain name and custom web site are essential.

Shared Hosting

If your web site is on a shared hosting plan, it sits on a web server that likely services anywhere from a few web sites to hundreds of them. The biggest advantage of a shared web hosting plan is obviously the low cost. Shared hosting plans are good for entrepreneurs who are prototyping their ideas to see if they can get them off the ground. When my first internet business was young, I wanted to keep my costs down so that the significant investment was my time. I chose a shared hosting plan that cost me less than $10.00 per month. As the business grew and it became more critical to keep the site up constantly, we outgrew the shared hosting environment, and our host allowed us (as most gracious web hosts do) to transition to one of their Virtual Private Server accounts.

Because most users of shared hosting accounts aren’t a skilled at administrating web hosting environments, most of the technical details (configuring the web server, etc.) are handled by the web host’s employees. This simpler arrangement can be beneficial to people who don’t want to get bogged down in the details of configuring email accounts and databases and Apache web server files.

The main drawback for shared hosting plans is that they are typically not as reliable as other plans. There is no way to tell (in most cases) what other web sites are sharing your server. If you have the misfortune of being neighbors with an image download site that has tons of visitors, your web site is very likely to experience slow load times and periods where it’s inaccessible. It can be frustrating to operate an online store and consistently know that your customers cannot even find you. The downtime can even affect your search engine rankings. If the Googlebot comes to crawl your site only to find that it’s unresponsive, you’re likely to get dropped in the search rankings. In my experience, the technical support available to shared hosting plans drops a few levels from the attention given to plans that cost more. If your web site is relatively new and doesn’t get a ton of traffic, this scenario may be okay for you. However, if you cannot afford to have downtime, be prepared to pay more for hosting.

Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an upgrade to shared hosting. It typically costs about $40-$60 per month. VPS accounts give users greater access to the nuts and bolts web server account. Often VPS accounts allow lower-level functionality such as the ability to use an ssh program to connect to a Linux VPS. VPS accounts typically have quicker and better response from the web host’s technical support than shared plans. The selling point of VPS accounts is that they don’t openly share all the resources (memory, CPU, bandwidth, etc.) that shared accounts do. However, with a VPS setup, your web site is still sitting on the same computer as other web sites over which you have no control, so there can still be periods of slow response times and downtime.

Dedicated Server

Getting a dedicated server is like buying your own home and setting it up the way you want it. When you purchase a dedicated server plan, you are essentially renting a computer in your web hosts data center. Dedicated servers give you a lot more control of your web site’s resources. You can set up Apache the way you prefer it, and you can install extensions per your requirements. With the low-level access comes responsibility, though. Letting a novice mosey around on your dedicated server account could result in the destruction of one or more web sites being hosted there just by running a simple command from the black box. If you think your web site(s) merits a dedicated server, make sure you’ve got someone capable of managing the setup.

What host?

The types of web hosting accounts mentioned above are pretty standard in the web hosting world. Despite the similarities between the types of accounts, there are often significant differences among hosting providers. Before I settled on the host I use now (, I had to date and dump at least three other hosting companies. Here are some things to look out for when considering who you should choose to host your site.


It’s worth spending time checking the ratings on the host you are considering. Nowadays it’s very easy to get the dirt on most companies. There are several web host review sites online. Reading the experiences of those who have used the host’s service can serve to settle your mind about committing or provide helpful warnings about the company you are considering. One thing to remember when reading reviews is that the source of a review can often be a competitor trying to sabotage a host’s reputation, or on the other hand, nothing keeps a web hosting company from funneling employees to review sites to pat their backs in public. Try to find objective reviews that list facts and details when checking out a potential host.

Technical Support

Before choosing a host, it’s probably a good idea to speak with their technical support to find out if they know what they’re doing. Even though I have a pretty extensive background in web hosting related technologies, I still find myself needing to lean on technical support from time to time. I’ve used many hosting companies whose technical support seem to be guessing, or who are simply reading scripts when they’re asked technical questions. Before you commit to a hosting provider, it might help to ask some pertinent questions of the technical support staff, almost as if you’re interviewing an IT employee. After all, that’s essentially what they’ll become. Most worthwhile hosting providers have an online chat tool that allows you to easily access their highest level support people.

Hopefully you’ve learned some things from this explanation of web hosting. Good luck with your web site and your business.

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What You Want to Know About HostGator

If you are ready to begin making sites, HostGator is certainly worth a look. A longtime favorite for web professionals, they also have reasonable packages for beginners. Here’s what you can see in HostGator.

A. Unlimited Domains
B. Unlimited Subdomains
C. Unlimited Email Accounts
D. Unlimited MySQL databases
E. Free Website Building software
F. Cpanel control panel
G. Shared Hosting accounts also come with a Shared SSL certificate and unlimited storage.

HostGator started in 2002 and from there they had been the primary leading provider of the web hosting service. Their office is situated in Houston, Texas. They offer first rate service to customers for more than 200 countries worldwide. They provide Dedicated, VPS, Reseller and Shared. Each of their web hosting plans comprise of 24/7 support, a guarantee of 99.9% uptime and the money-back guarantee after 45 days.

As a technology and product leader, HostGator is capable to offer it’s over 225,000 clients with original products and services designed to match their present businesses. HostGator serves clients

As a technology and product innovator, HostGator is able to provide its more than 225,000 customers with innovative products and services designed to complement their existing businesses. HostGator serves customers varying from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies in over 170 countries.

Because of the character of reseller hosting, HostGator clients are often web designers and or developers who have selected to offer hosting services to their customers. Businesses of all sizes and shapes often make use of HostGator’s affordable, however still great shared, reseller, and devoted hosting services. Clients vary from complete beginners to computer and technology experts.

Last 2008, Inc. Magazine recognized HostGator as one of the quick growing private companies in USA. HostGator is not merely for professionals; they have plans staring below $8 a month and an extremely helpful support staff that will help you each step of the way.

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Dedicated Hosting – Why Share When You Can Own?

With the many branches with internet web hosting, expertise is known as Focused internet hosting. Unlike VPS you are not allowed to share the server. Instead you do own the server for your very own cause. You can take the server on lease from a focused server host organization. You will be in charge on the server completely with respect to hardware and the application issues.

The connectivity and equipment also depends on the consent on the service provider. The main server offers the customer while using data center facilities. Whenever you share a server then you’re constrained on resources. So you cannot expand your possibilities towards the fullest. The web site needs to become growing all the time. So it can be usually much better to go in for Focused hosting rather than the shared web host companies like the VPS.

Using the choice of your individual server you possibly can choose the operating systems and softwares according to your selection. You might even need to personalize some settings for your e-commerce and media requirements. It’s very useful for those who are looking to multiply their possibilities but face using the issue of restricted finance. An own sever would cost a lot of funds.

When you have a system which is facing with heavy traffic and have complications due to lack of staff, security and resources – dedicated server is the greatest preference. The greatest benefit of a Dedicated web host with respect to the in house solution is within the amount that is saved. It will not require the position on the network administrator to be filled.

With focused web companies it is possible to perform extra complex calculations and applications. They include high end e mail expertise, streaming media. You possibly can also host a lot more than a single site at the single machine. All the computer software connections are maintained by the web hosting servers.

Limitation of Committed internet hosting

1. Adult content – if the application is illicit or large in size then it may well be disallowed.
2. Copyright verification – is you fail the copy scape test then your program will be scrapped off.

Nonetheless excellent faith and honesty will continually precede you with Focused web host within the appropriate direction.

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Choose Ecommerce Hosting With Private SSL

Ecommerce has become part and parcel of commerce today. Every businessman finds it worthwhile to have an online presence, as online shopping setups generate sales that exceed the cost incurred many times over.

For this reason, various web hosting companies have set up hosting plans dedicated to eCommerce. These plans are designed to provide tools that are useful for online businessmen, such as merchant accounts, traffic monitoring, shopping cart software and SSL certificates. Clearly, these tools seek to provide online merchants with three things

1. Visibility

2. User-friendliness

3. Security.

People involved in eCommerce need to be far more careful than others while choosing their web hosting – simply because money is being received and/or sent through their pages. A compromise in security can cause any web user to lose data, but in eCommerce the consequences can be far greater.

One of the most popular tools to increase web security is SSL – Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol that encrypts all data travelling from the end user to the hosting server. Today, accepting credit cards is forbidden without SSL, and PayPal buttons automatically revert to PayPal’s login page that has its own SSL certificate.

A lot of web hosting services offer a shared SSL with their hosting packages. Shared SSL means that your hosting company pays for a private SSL certificate of its own, which it shares with all its users. This is not a serious security risk, but it has the chance of confusing customers.

When a customer enters a secure page, his/her browser displays the SSL certificate, including its owner’s name. With a shared SSL certificate, the owner’s name is clearly that of your web host – something that the customer may not recognize, leading him/her to think that your page has been hacked.

Private SSL, on the other hand, is somewhat expensive, and may end up being a substantial portion of your web hosting cost. However, it is yours and yours alone – customers see that you have your own private SSL, giving them confidence and reassurance. Search engines see that your site’s content and owner have been verified by a competent authority, so you get a higher ranking. Moreover, the dedicated IP that you get with private SSL prevents you from getting blacklisted as spam because others sharing your IP have sent unsolicited emails.

A lot of hosting packages compiled specifically for eCommerce offer discounted private SSL certificates, which may come down to under $8 per month. When this is paired with good features and over 99% uptime, you are justified in placing your faith with that hosting company. Alternatively, you can opt for VPS hosting that gives you – or your company’s webmaster – full control over everything, from OS and installed programs to the last details of functionality.

By choosing an eCommerce hosting package with private SSL certification, you are doing your business a huge favor. With a small monthly investment by business standards, you show your customers that you mean business, that you are the owner of everything on your page, and that you can be relied on.

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5 Ways To Save With Web Hosting Coupon Codes

The competition between web hosting providers has grown rapidly over the last few years and this means that web hosting prices have dropped dramatically, while product features and customer service has generally increased across the board.

Some web hosting providers choose to win over potential buyers with different types of discount coupon codes so they can save even more off the advertised purchase price. It’s possible to find discount coupon codes for almost any type of web hosting you need to buy, be it basic web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting or even dedicated servers.

Not all web hosting coupon codes are equal. Let’s take a look some of the more common types of web hosting coupons.

1. Flat discount – It’s possible to save $10, $20, $50 or even more at some web hosting companies when you place your order. Usually available on longer plan purchases such as yearly hosting plans. It’s a great way to get a big discount up front so it’s a very popular type of web hosting coupon code.

2. The free or almost free trial – A great way to test out a web hosting provider before you commit a lot of your hard earned cash.

For example HostGator have had great success by offering their 1 cent trial which is only available by using a coupon code.

3. Percentage off coupon code – You can often save 10%, 25%, even 50% or more with a good coupon code. In this case the discount you receive is in proportion to the amount you spend up front. If you have a large budget and place a larger order you’ll save a bigger amount. For example it’s possible to save hundreds of dollars this way if you are ordering a year of VPS web hosting.

4. Free domain name registration – Some web hosting providers will entice you with a free domain name registration, or even more than one, when you use their coupon code. That’s usually worth around $10 in savings per year.

5. Free additional time – You may find a coupon code which provides an additional month, 3 months, 6 months of hosting or even more. This can save you a decent amount of money in the future but you won’t usually make a saving up front.

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What You Ought to Know About Web Hosting

Internet has become part of people life now. From blogging to Facebooking, everyone wants to have their piece of territory in the internet. Some start to blog about their life; some start to involve in e commerce; some built the world best search engine; some make millions of dollars. No matter what you want to do online, you need one thing – web hosting.

What Is Web Hosting?
If you do not know about this you are by far outdated but do not worry as it is easy to catch up. Imagine there is a desktop in front of you, inside the desktop there is a hard disk to keep all the files and folder. And web hosting is the storage space inside the hard disk except the hard disk is kept inside a machine with stronger computing power. We call it server. Instead of normal files and folders, we keep website files and system files inside a web hosting.

Type of Web Hosting
There are many type of hosting you can find outside. Some of the popular kind is shared, dedicated, reseller and VPS hosting. Shared hosting as its name speaks it is shared among the users. Imagine there is 100GB sized storage and it is shared among 100 users. There is boundary for the resource each user can use and the boundary is managed by the provider. This kind of hosting is usually used by bloggers and small and medium business owners. For your information shared hosting is the most popular web hosting in the world.

Opposite of shared, dedicated hosting is a server solely dedicated for just 1 user. With dedicated server you gain control on everything therefore users should have acquired sufficient technical knowledge to use this kind of hosting. Big websites need this to cater for their big volume of visitors and files. In another hand, VPS (Virtual Private Server) is actually quite alike with dedicated hosting. It has a dedicated storage and IP address. The difference between the 2 is that VPS users share the same computer server while dedicated hosting user have a dedicated server for them. Reseller hosting is meant for those who want to be a web host themselves. They subscribe reseller account and divide the storage into smaller pieces and then resell to others.

After knowing the difference of each, it should be clearer when you come to getting a web host for yourself. Usually 85% of the people need only shared hosting as the features are sufficient enough to build decent stuff.

Shared Hosting Providers
There are many providers in the world nowadays. So many that it is very difficult to decide which host is good. For your information, not every web host is the same as each uses different technology. That is why some are backyard web host and some are world class web host. If you do not filter properly you are going to have a bad time messing with them.

So how do we identify a quality one? That’s only one answer – research! You should research a web host thoroughly from their features to their customer feedback. Check how good they are and how bad they probably are too. Web host review in this case helps. If you need recommendations, FatCow, Hostgator, Bluehost, Lunarpages are big names in the field. They are considered the top in shared hosting.

Final words, web hosting is a long term investment for your website. So do make sure you understand it and learn how it can help you in building your kingdom online. You never know how big the impact can web hosting causes to you.

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