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Hostgator Reseller Hosting Review

Hostgator recently received the Editor’s Choice Award by Findmyhost. This recognition has been an added value to the services that Hostgator could provide for their consumers. When it comes to web hosting facilities, Hostgator is the top pick. Even when you are looking for resellers or shared marketing, no other company could match them.

With their Dual Xeon servers powered by 4 GB memory and IDE hard drives, Hostgator is reliable and extremely fast providing 99.9 % uptime with affordable prices. Therefore, they are the favorites among consumers.

The rates for hosting with Hostgator are $6.95 per month for their basic shared hosting. They also have more advance package that will cost $9.95 per year. This cost is considered a little bit higher than their competitors but Hostgators’s package comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Until the last minute, you will never know which provider is serving you better. With Hostgator, that is risk is easy to take because of their money back policy.

Furthermore, you will get instant backup for your websites when you choose Hostgator. In addition, you can get the ability to host unlimited domains, sub-domains and FTP accounts. This feature is great because you usually get limited domain in shared hosting packages. For shared hosting, they usually only allow one domain and 20 sub-domain. When that limit has been achieved, it is most likely that you need to upgrade you hosting needs.

With the supreme control panel provided, consumers are more than just satisfied with the performance of their website. Hence, making Hostgator one of the best web hosting company in the world. The control panel that they have in their websites allows users to access demo which could help them get familiar with its function.

Last but not least, another important factor that makes Hostgator stand out from their competitors is their customer service and support. This is because consumers can get their website set up in not time at all. Fast service with no extra charges at all. They provide 24 hours support to help you troubleshoot your problems if they arise. With their live chat, consumers also get easy access to the technicians to answer problems that they have. Although there are sometimes where problems take longer time to be solved, but in overall, they still satisfy their customers. That is what matters most in whatever service you provide.

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A Simple Hostgator Review

A lot of companies push forward very interesting and tempting offers to web users. Most companies push reliability, and guaranteed services for all web hosting needs, but when purchased leave people in the dark. Why do you need to check out a Hostgator review? Because you’ll learn that they are not just a random company, they are a major mainstay in the hosting world. They offer top-notch service, and have been doing so with relative ease since 1992.

First and foremost, when you read a Hostgator review, you’ll notice that the company has been around a lot longer than many other companies. The company has been gaining a worldwide following since 1992 and is one of the most reliable servers. They guarantee uptime of 99.9% due in large part to the fact that they own their own data center to make sure there are no downtime occurrences.

When reading a Hostgator review you’ll notice that they are now offering unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, and a 45-day money back guarantee to assure that you’re satisfied with your purchase. If upon purchasing a web hosting plan, you decide to change your mind or simply step away from the host, you can rest assured that you’ll receive your money back. There aren’t a lot of companies putting their money where their mouth is, but this company really believes in their product.

Hostgator has received many rave reviews about their customer support. They are quick to give the best support through both phone and email. No matter what issue you’re having, you can rest assured that you’ll get prompt service. Web hosting can be a little daunting, for the non-programmer, but the company also has those that are not too web savvy covered with a wealth of options to take advantage of.

Some of the best parts of getting hosting with this company is that they offer a free site builder, website templates, and many other free options to help non-programmers get a website off the ground with relative simplicity.

When looking at a Hostgator review, you’ll notice that one of the great things about Hostgator is that they offer basic web hosting plans at around $4.95 a month. However, it is not the only plan that they offer, they offer Reseller hosting for those looking to sell hosting to other companies, VPS Hosting at around $19.95 a month, and Dedicated servers at around $174. With these different options to take advantage of, it’s no wonder that Hostgator has been receiving many different awards.

Some of the awards that Hostgator has garnered in the last seven years alone include, 239th Fastest Growing Private Company in America by INC. magazine, About.com 2010 Readers Choice Award For Best Reseller Hosting, Editor’s Choice Award from Findmyhost.com, and #1 Reseller Hosting by Webhost Directory. These are just some of the awards that the company has received, and they continue to be praised for their dedication to web hosting in a flooded market that keeps trying to snag attention away from the best of the best.

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How to Get the Best Web Hosting Services and Offers With the HostGator Coupon

There is no doubt that there are hundreds of thousands of hosting companies on the internet but the question is; do they all offer the same quality hosting services? If you are looking for a hosting service that will offer you satisfactory service, good discounts and enough space to host unlimited websites, then you have to look in the direction of HostGator web hosting company. HostGator is one of the pioneers in hosting service online and they currently offer mouth-watering promo coupons. With a customer base of nearly a quarter million and around 7,000 servers, HostGator is an online web hosting company that has good reputation and root.

There is no doubt that some other hosting companies may have better marketing techniques or even more enticing sales campaign but the truth remains that HostGator is still the best hosting company on the entire internet today. They really spiced up their web hosting service offering recently with the introduction of this much-talked-about discount coupon codes. Regardless of the nature or website you want to create or the type of business you are planning to get into online, HostGator has unique hosting service for everybody. They also stand by your even after your site had gone live on the internet. Their customer and technical service is simply superb and there are lots of satisfied customers to show for it.

Giving satisfactory hosting service is the priority of HostGator which is also known as gator web hosting company. The amazing truth is that HostGator offers each customer much more hosting service than they paid for.

There is a 45 days money back guarantee for any hosting account created for their clients and customers. They serve every body whether big or small and will be there to offer support the moment you need it. They have topmost quality and innovative web hosting services tailored to satisfy their ever growing customers.

The HostGator coupon is meant to give you the best innovation and latest hosting services. In a good Gator web hosting package, it is usual to have VPS hosting, dedicated server service and reseller hosting in it. You are given the power and flexibility to pursue your desire and achieve all you want to achieve with any hosting if you get a HostGator web hosting account. There are some people that merely wanted to try HostGator but they became addicted to their quality service and had kept referring others to them.

Irrespective of the type of business you are currently involved in, getting a good and reliable hosting company shouldn’t be your problem any longer because you just need to click into HostGator web hosting company’s site and have all the hosting issues professionally and satisfactorily sorted out. You can top up your bargain at HostGator hosting service by searching for HostGator coupon. This is something that will surely put smile on your face.

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